Don’t miss out on being seen because you don’t hashtag. A Tweet with a hashtag is about 33% more likely to get retweeted and that makes all the difference between #Trending and getting #LostInTheCrowd.

What are the basics of hashtagging?

Turn any word or group of words that are important to your business into a link that can be searched for with the hashtag (#). When you’re hashtagging forget punctuation and space and keep your message clear by capitalising each word #LikeThis, know as CamelCase. 

Hashtagging can help you reach out to your audience by joining a conversation they are already a part of, as well as start a new conversation for your audience to engage with.

How do you hashtag effectively?

It’s a no brainer that using hashtags can help you reach potential new customers, but how can you do this effectively? To start, think about words that people would use when looking for your business and join in on those existing conversations. If you’re lost, a good place to check for ideas would be your competitors’ social media handles – particularly those with a strong following. Look at what they are using but always remember more is less, for both scope and in presentation. Keep in mind to look for Niche hashtags that have more engaged following.

Let’s take a look at an example: “Take a look at our latest collection today! #Trousseau #Bride #WeddingGowns” Is better than “Take a look at our latest collection today! #WeddingBells #WhiteWeddings #Weddings #Brides #Bridesmaids #FloralWeddings #WeddingShopping #Springwedding #WeddingsToday”

Memorise this, K.I.S.S – Keep it Simple Social-Media-User! Hashtag and put yourself in front of someone who’d have never found otherwise. 

Why should I create an original hashtag?

Creating original hashtags gives your existing followers a place to engage with your brand. This helps build social media momentum for your brand and these original hashtags can also be used for promotions, contests, events or general brand awareness. Remember to keep them clear, unique, simple and catchy. No one’s going to remember or use a complicated hashtag. 

Imagine if Coca-Cola’s classic #ShareACoke Hashtag was #GoBuyACokeTogetherAndDrinkIt – would it be popular? An original hashtag gives your audience something to talk about and interact with your brand on a personal level.

Where should I hashtag?

The rule is not ‘one hashtag fits all’, each platform has a different and unique function so take your time and do your research on what platforms you think work best for your business. Each platform has an unsaid rule of how many hashtags are acceptable, Facebook posts get greater engagement with only one hashtag but Instagram posts with about nine hashtags perform better.

Make your words matter and connect with both potential & existing customers using hashtagging. 

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