social media marketing strategy

How to successfully create a social media marketing strategy

Schools do not always know what to expect when they post on their social media and most of them don’t have enough time to learn how to use social media, never mind create a successful social media marketing strategy, so turn to outsourcing.  In order to provide the best value to parents it is essential to be an expert in the field. And we have to always remember that is better to have one quality post rather than a lot of them with no quality.

Most marketers agree that, “Creating compelling content for social media is both the most effective (82%), and most difficult (69%) part of social media marketing tactics.” Indeed, creating a social media marketing strategy is sometimes considered one of the most difficult strategies for schools, with there being a lot more to local social media marketing than most people think. There is a huge difference between posting on behalf a school or company and posting on your personal accounts. 

Behind every great school…

... There is a group of great people! A school starts with the people who run it, and it ends with the people who attend it. Before thinking about what your school would post, you have to think about what your potential parents and children would like you to post. You have to ask yourself if you would engage yourself with that content. If there is neither personality nor presence in your school people will get disinterested very quickly.

In order to connect with your audience it is essential to be very personal. Schools have to have a balance between being promotional and engaging. Although try to be engage via informative/entertaining posts rather than promotional ones. 

The good, the bad and the spammy

Always focus more on your audience and less on yourself. Because what you have to know is that if someone follows your school, they already know what your school's ethos is. They may even have children who already attend your school. There is no need to over-saturate a feed with links to your site. The followers already know how to get there.

By providing your audience with value, you make them stick around. Schools don’t have to post something every day to keep that engagement. If you are able to post every day and provide value each time, then post daily. If not stick to quality over quantity, especially when it comes to your social media marketing strategy.

However, if you are specifically targeting prospective parents and students, a more targeted marketing campaign will ensure that the right people see your content. Digithrive for School's social media campaigns can make this happen.

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How To Master WordPress SEO Plugins

SEO is the basis to control the Internet, and because it is becoming more and more saturated, it is essential to make sure that you are doing something to and out from others on the web. An easy way to give your website an extra boost is by implementing the right WordPress SEO plugins.

The Issue:

Everybody wants the SEO plugins that are going to make their websites be the only ones who appear desirably on the Google search bar. Although this is possible, the truth is that the SEO market is becoming little by little more and more competitive and saturated. This situation makes it important to have a better structured and optimised website with a search engine, so that you can set yourself apart, and be ranked above your competitors. Unfortunately, that may involve a little bit of plugin stack.

The Essential SEO Plugin Stack

Mastering SEO will be perfect to grow and sustain a strong online presence, no matter if your building sites for clients, or your own business. Luckily, we know how to do it.

You can find 7 critical pieces to the SEO puzzle. In order to start, you need one of the overall on-site SEO plugins to cover the basics, such as robots, meta bags, sitemaps, etc. Apart from that, there are 6 additional complementary sections for plugins:

  1. On-site SEO
  2. Mobile Optimisation
  3. Broken Links
  4. Speed
  5. Security
  6. Image Optimisation
  7. Rich Snippet

It is true that is hard when it comes to plugins and website speed, however using the right stack to build your SEO, will be beneficial overall.

1. On-site SEO Plugins

They will be the basis of your infrastructure. We can find 2 contenders, All in One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO.

They both have been around for a decade already, and still are very important for this process.

All in One SEO Pack

Price: Free with Paid Premium Option

Elevator Pitch:

Is the original SEO plugin that works out-of-the-box for beginners with advanced features for developers. Overridable meta descriptions/keywords and XML sitemaps allows users to optimize their SEO efforts.

This plugin is translated into 57 languages, and is highly durable; also it works well with a variety of other plugins. All in One provides local SEO recommendations and keyword ranking for users as well.

Key Features:

  • Over 3M active installs
  • The ONLY free plugin to provide SEO Integration for e-Commerce sites, including WooCommerce
  • 4.5 star-rating across 500+ reviews on

Yoast SEO

Price: Free with Paid Premium Option

Elevator Pitch:

Is the one stop for experts and beginners alike. Featuring sitemaps, title and meta descriptions, and the ability to connect Google Search Console, this plugin does everything to please users and search engine spiders alike.

Yoast can also insure that your content is on flick (in Google’s eyes as well as prospect’s eyes).  By upgrading it to premium you can find new features including video and news extensions, as well as gaining access to a local SEO extension, which adds a local schema mark-up to your web pages.

Key Features:

  • Thousands of daily downloads
  • Uses JSON_LD for local
  • 5 star-rating across nearly 20,000 reviews on
  • Effectively combines content and SEO
  • One of the most used SEO plugins on the market with 5M+ active installs

The On-site SEO Winner

Yoast SEO. Vendastians and industry experts all agree that Yoast is the modern-day standard when it comes to WordPress SEO plugins. The free version will cover all of your needs.

2. Mobile Website Optimisation Plugins

Last month, January 2018, Google announced that they would begin prioritising pages with fast mobile loading speed in their search algorithm. Due to these Mobile Website Optimization Plugins have earned themselves a priority seat on Google’s algorithm. Considering that the majority of browsing these days is conducted from mobile devices, it just makes sense.

AMP for WP

Price: Also free!

Elevator Pitch:

It goes straight to the point; it simply adds AMP functionality to your WordPress site in order to improve mobile site speed through search engines.

Key Features:

  • 4.5 star user rating on (best in class)
  • 100,000+ active installations
  • Yoast (and other SEO) plugin integration

AMP for WordPress

Price: Free!

Elevator Pitch:

By using AMP for WordPress, you can insure that your prospects never give up hope as a result of a slow mobile site. By creating AMP content this plugin caters to the needs of major AMP consumers such as Google Search.

Key Features:

  • 200,000+ active installs (best in class)
  • Built by WordPress, not a third party, so compatibility is not a concern
  • Many 1 star reviews, and a 3.5 star overall rating on

The Mobile Optimization Winner

AMP for WP, the reality is that both meet your mobile optimization needs, but AMP for WordPress (the loser) does not have good customer satisfaction.

This is something that you don’t want to see.

3. Broken Link Plugins

Links sometimes go bad. Pages can be deleted. A site that you link to may disappear. Or someone might move a post or page without updating others. All of these actions can cause broken links.

There is nothing worse that a “404 Page not found”, when you are in a rush to find something.

By managing these broken links on your site, you can mitigate lost conversions, questions of credibility, frustration and damage to your SEO ranking.

Broken Link Checker

Price: Free!

Elevator Pitch:

It scans your comments, blogs, custom fields, pages, and posts to detect links that do not work, links redirects and images that my be missing. It might take a while as it verifies each and every link tied to your site. Once done, it will present you with a list of broken links so that you can manage redirects and prevent prospects and customers from losing interest or losing track of you.

Key Features:

  • Offered in 30 languages
  • Has not been updated in 6 months… customer service?
  • 4 star rating across nearly 400 reviews on
  • 500,000+ active installs (by far the best in class)

The Broken Link Winner

Just one candidate, and just one winner. Use this plugin, it will be very useful. And it will help optimize your overall SEO.

Guide: SEO musts for a higher search ranking

4. Speed Plugins

Page speed is a huge factor in user experience, as well as in search rankings. Google recommendations appear in half a second, and that is hard to do.

The AMP category is so important ever since Google announced that page speed is now a ranking factor for mobile searching.

Now you will see two site catching alternatives that will have a substantial impact on site load times, particularly with high volumes of traffic.

W3 Total Cache

Price: Free, always

Elevator Pitch:

It improves SEO and user experience by increasing performance and reducing downloads times. W3 includes minification features, a host of caching options, as well as various security features. It also offers improved server performance in order to help weather those high traffic periods.

SEO plugins

Key Features:

  • 4.5 star rating and over 1 million active installs (best in class)
  • Used by many large companies such as AT&T
  • Only 9 out of 108 issues resolved in the past 2 months

WP Fastest Cache

Price: Free, the best price

Elevator Pitch:

Plugin is very user friendly due to their functionality automated, and its activeness page statistics. It creates a static html file so that high quantities of traffic do not produce slow render times on your site, and offers numerous options for managing cached files. At the same time it comes with minify html and css options so that users can decrease the size of css files and pages.

SEO plugins

Key Features:

  • 5 star rating and over 500,000 active installations
  • Offered in 17 languages
  • Does not yet support WordPress Multisite

The Speed Winner

This is a tough decision. Although the winner is… W3 Total Cache due to the sheer volume of active users and the number of industry experts that swear by it. However, WP Fastest Cache is an excellent caching plugin too, since little by little is growing in downloads and popularity.

5. Security Plugins

Security is an extremely important factor nowadays. If you are a business or a financial institution, security will be more directed towards your site infrastructure.

The main impact of a security plugin is in regards to an SSL certificate (https). These helps your website to maintain rank on search providers. It can also help you to grow in rank, while also encrypting user data – an essential component on many websites.

Wordfence Security

Price: Free with Premium Option

Elevator Pitch:

It was built for the specific application of WordPress sites. It includes a malware scanner, an endpoint firewall, as well as Threat Defence Feed that insures that Wordfence is always up to date with the newest firewall rules, malicious IP addresses and malware signatures it needs to keep your site safe.

SEO plugins

Key Features:

  • 5 star rating across over 3000 reviews on
  • User friendly feeds to monitor performance
  • 2M+ active installs (best in class)

The Security Winner

Worldfence Security is the best in class, even industry experts agree. It will definitely meet your malware and firewall needs in the free version – always with the premium paid option as you grow.

6. Image Optimization

The images that you use on your website has a huge impact on user experience as well as click and conversation rates. Although, it is essential to use an image optimization plugin in order to reduce the size of the images (often up to 50%), and therefore page sizes, in order to boost your SEO rankings by increasing user-friendliness and page speed.

There are a lot of compressors, but only a couple in the runnings.

Short Pixel

Price: Free with Paid Premium

Elevator Pitch:

It has one of the cheapest premium options in comparison to other image optimizers on the market. It has one of the most affordable paid rates on the market, and will still reach upwards of 60% optimization.

SEO plugins

Key Features:

  • One click bulk optimization (major time saver)
  • They have relolved every single issue that has been reported to in the past 2 months
  • Also offers huge benefits for mobile site speeds
  • 4.5 star rating across nearly 300 reviews

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Price: Free with Pro Option

Elevator Pitch:

It automatically cuts the size of all the images on your website in order to provide speed and quality. It is compatible with numerous other plugins on the market, and for image resizing.

SEO plugins

Key Features:

  • Huge benefits for mobile speeds
  • Highest performance reserved for paying customers only
  • 5 star rating and over 1 million active installs (best in class)

The Image Optimization Winner

Both are winners in their own way. ShortPixel is a great alternative if you want to enter into the “paid plugins” world, but do not want to invest the capital that many other require. And Smush is the favourite one for basic free image optimization.

7. Rich Snippet Plugins

Rich Snippets are fields that spice up your search result listing. The good thing about this plugin is that you do not have to write any code. Rich Snippet plugins present fields that you fill in, and the plugin automatically generates the code and tags for you.

Many website developers might not agree, but indeed they are important.  Although rich snippets do not directly help you rank, they do provide increased visual appeal to your SERP result as you approach that first page of Google. This visual appeal will likely increase your click through rate (CTR) which will then cause your to rank higher in terms of SEO.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Price: Free

Elevator Pitch:

It helps you add article, recipe, review, event, product, video, or other schemas to your site snippet. It makes it possible in a highly user-friendly format, to make your website more interactive and improve your click through rates.

SEO plugins

Key Features:

  • 4.5 star rating across 100+ reviews on
  • Helps Facebook display proper information when users share your links on Facebook
  • 70,000+ active installs (by far the best in class)

The Rich Snippet Winner

All in One Schema Rich Snippets has more or less monopolised the market, and is going to be the best option in case you want to master all of the categories of SEO on your WordPress builds.


You'll need seven SEO plugins if you want to have a world class SEO optimised site.

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. AMP for WP
  3. Broken Link Checker
  4. W3 Total Cache
  5. Wordfence Security
  6. Smush or ShortPixel
  7. All In One Schema Rich Snippets

And ONE the number of pages of Google in which you will likely find yourself on the keywords that matter most if you leverage this plugin combination.

Want to know more? Read our top tips to improve your keyword research.

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digital advertising metrics

Key Digital Advertising Metrics All Marketers Should Know

Tracking and measuring your business’ digital advertising metrics is crucial to your campaign’s success.

If you aren’t tracking your advertising methods correctly, you’ll never know what’s working and what channels to focus your dollars on.

Determining your ROI goals also means you’ll be able to evaluate the efficiency of your ads and how your target audience interacts with those ads. Here are a few of the key metrics to track that will help you measure success and determine ROI:

Calculating CPA – Cost Per Acquisition, also known as CPL – Cost Per Lead

How much does it cost you to acquire a new lead on any given channel?

Knowing the cost to acquire a client for your business is the basis of your marketing budget, so it’s crucial data to add to your ROI analysis. Combined with other ad data, this will determine whether your business will make a profit.

Ideally, you’ll want to get a sense for which mix of ad channels (Search, Facebook, Display) work best for your business. Then you’ll be able to better optimize your ad budget going forward.

Here’s the formula for CPA:

digital advertising metrics

CPA is an easy but valuable formula. It is key to understanding your ad ROI, knowing how much it costs to acquire a new lead. However, we still don’t know the actual value of your client’s customers. The next thing we’ll discuss is LTV, which is essential for further ROI analysis.

LTV – Lifetime Value

It is very important to know the lifetime value of your customers. Why? Because it will help you know approximately the revenue a new customer brings in, with all associated costs factored in.

You will also be able to compare it directly to the cost of acquiring a new client through your digital ad campaign.

Here’s the formula you can use to determine your LTV.

digital advertising metrics

CR – Campaign Revenue

Now that we know how to calculate and analyze the lifetime value of your customers, we’ll be able to track the revenue generated by your digital advertising campaign. You just need to multiply your campaign’s conversions by LTV and closing ratio (50% would be .5).

Why include closing ratio? Because, every new lead you generate isn’t going to become a customer, so you’ll need to factor in how often you are able to close new leads to estimate campaign revenue correctly.

digital advertising metrics

ROAS – Return on Advertising Spend

ROAS is an illuminating metric to use for ad campaigns, and a lot of marketers use it interchangeably with ROI itself. Although you can find many significant differences between the two. For instance, Tim Mayer, CMO of Trueffect explains:

“ROI measures the profit generated by ads relative to the cost of those ads. It’s a business-centric metric that is most effective at measuring how ads contribute to an organization’s bottom line. In contrast, ROAS measures gross revenue generated for every dollar spent on advertising. It is an advertiser-centric metric that gauges the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.”

So advertising ROI incorporates the bigger picture relative to the business, while

ROAS is much more focused on the results from specific campaigns. This means that it’s much easier for you to be tracking and analyzing advertising efforts with ROAS! Since you know the cost and you can calculate the revenue.

Setting your own campaign goals based on past performance and benchmarks is the best way to proceed with your advertising efforts.

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