Case study

Cavendish Education

Cavendish Education is a group of six co-educational, independent day and boarding schools with an emphasis on specialist learning support.

Top line results

112 event sign ups

80 event Attendees

50 private school tours booked

"We are really pleased with the results; the mostfar-reaching campaign we have run to date."

Gemma DoyleMarketing & Admissions Director, Cavendish Education


To publicise and attract a new audience to a first-time event with the secondary aim to increase admissions to the various Cavendish Education schools, as well as cementing Cavendish Education’s authority within this market.


To attract 20 sign-ups to the event.


Attracting attendees from a variety of backgrounds to a first time event with a very small marketing team and experience using only traditional marketing efforts.


Digithrive’s authoritative, well-established digital marketing platforms were used to promote Cavendish Education, publicise the event & attract sign-ups to the event. A two-pronged marketing campaign was devised, implemented and refined by Digithrive across their Absolutely Mama Facebook & Instagram handles for the duration of Cavendish Education’s campaign.

The first campaign, a lead-generation initiative, publicised the event by targeting parents who were looking for specialist learning support for their children, and encouraged them to sign up to the event. The second, a content-led campaign utilising inbound marketing tools promoted the school, increasing their brand awareness and establishing their authority within the market, with a secondary focus of attracting attendees to the event.

Services utilised

Paid Advertising
Content Marketing

Cavendish Education

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