As the world is becoming increasingly digitised, it is easy to forget the benefits of print advertising for schools. This traditional form of communication can play an important role in reaching and engaging with prospects and building brand awareness. With that in mind, here are four advantages to using print media for your next school campaign.

Why schools should use print advertising


According to a 2018 Ofcom report, the majority of people find magazines to be accurate and of high quality. They are viewed as reliable providers of trustworthy and impartial information. This is in contrast to digital media which can often be regarded as less credible due to the ease with which it can be edited. Almost anyone can post something online, but print is in a league of its own.

Print advertising is therefore a great way to instil a sense of reliability in prospect parents. Placing a marketing campaign in a well-respected print publication will ensure that your school will be regarded with the same amount of trust that is associated with the publication itself.  


Print publication also differs from digital media in the way that audiences engage with them. Online content is designed for people on the go, with short and snappy headlines competing to grab attention. Alternatively, offline publications physically engage with readers and are more tangible. This can leave a more lasting impact on audiences.

As people increasingly return to print as a means of unplugging from their digital lives, advertising in this way, in publications such as our sister company Absolutely Education, allows families to become more receptive to your message. 

Brand awareness 

A school’s brand should be at the centre of any marketing campaign. Knowing what your principles are and how to showcase them to your target market allows you to successfully engage and connect with prospect parents. A great way to push this brand awareness is through utilising a niche publication. 

Proper placement of your print advertising allows your campaign to effectively reach a particular demographic. They can be used to target families in specific areas or have certain interests. You can use our persona tool to work out what type of people your marketing should be trying to reach.


One of the greatest advantages to using print advertisement is that it is a very flexible form of marketing. It allows you to tailor an effective campaign that fits around any budget. From full-page spreads to quarters, you can easily choose how much, or little is spent on your advertising. 

Print publications also often have a dedicated team that work on helping you find the right solution for you and your school. Instead of relying on an online algorithm to decide where your adverts will live, you can discuss and share ideas with experts on how to best engage with your audience.

To summarise, print advertising can be a really effective tool in reaching and engaging with prospect parents – it is very much alive. Print advertising should be used in conjunction with online advertising.

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